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1456 2022-06-11 11:19:33 dimkam /src/fatfs4os/ Возвращены исходники Йада
Удалены временные файлы из репы
1450 2022-06-08 00:12:50 alone /src/fatfs4os/ -nv: переполнялся буфер длинных имён (NS)  
1449 2022-06-07 23:47:21 alone /src/fatfs4os/ -nv: неправильно выделял память под каталог при >512 файлов (NS, Kulich)  
1447 2022-06-07 22:04:01 alone /src/fatfs4os/ +vic20: добавлен выход по 1+CS+Space (NS), в nv.ext добавлено расширение v20  
1438 2022-05-28 21:39:48 alone /src/fatfs4os/ +bod: игра обновлена (Zorba)  
1428 2022-05-15 11:51:50 alone /src/fatfs4os/  
1427 2022-05-12 20:22:10 alone /src/fatfs4os/  
1426 2022-05-11 22:28:33 alone /src/fatfs4os/  
1419 2022-05-01 23:04:48 alone /src/fatfs4os/  
1418 2022-05-01 21:39:53 Kulich /src/fatfs4os/  
1190 2021-07-22 09:46:15 dimkam /src/fatfs4os/ fatfs readdir возвращает ошибку(также можно как и раньше проверять имя на нул_стринг  
1056 2021-06-02 15:59:28 dimkam /src/fatfs4os/ временно убрана проверка флага readonly у файлов  
930 2021-03-01 01:39:30 alone /src/fatfs4os/ r921  
926 2021-02-28 23:33:38 baho /src/fatfs4os/ * src/Makefile: Removed extra cleaning of "release" direcotry for each "clean-*" target;
* fatfs4os/Makefile: Forced removal of temporary directory;
* src/: Removed "make clean" call from "mkatm2.bat", "mkatm2hd.bat", "mkatm3.bat", "mkatm3hd.bat", "mkatm3sd.bat", "mkevo.bat", "mkevsd-g.bat", "mkpe26.bat", "mkpe26sd.bat" to speed up build.
924 2021-02-28 20:58:54 baho /src/fatfs4os/ * src/fatfs4os: Fixed "fatfs.exp" generation (old file was not overwritten properly);
* src/: Added proper error handling in "mkatm2.bat", "mkatm2hd.bat", "mkatm3.bat", "mkatm3hd.bat", "mkatm3sd.bat", "mkevo.bat", "mkevsd-g.bat", "mkpe26.bat", "mkpe26sd.bat".
923 2021-02-28 20:47:08 baho /src/fatfs4os/ src/: Fixed target configuration in "mkatm2.bat", "mkatm2hd.bat", "mkatm3.bat", "mkatm3hd.bat", "mkatm3sd.bat", "mkevo.bat", "mkevsd-g.bat", "mkpe26.bat", "mkpe26sd.bat" (target was not set correctly);
src/fatfs4os: Fixed "Makefile" on Windows NT (keep "fatfs.exp" and "fatfs.raw" files when performing "clean");
tools/: Modified "Makefile" (passed $(MFLAGS) to $(MAKE)).
922 2021-02-28 19:25:01 baho /src/fatfs4os/ + src/_sdk/: Added "config" sub-directory for easy target configuration. Placed "syssets.asm" files for targets "atm2", "atm2hd", "atm3", "atm3hd", "atm3sd", "evo", "evsd-g", "pe26", "pe26sd" in corresponding sub-directories;
+ src/_sdk/: Added "bin" sub-directory for all executables. Moved existing "convega.exe" / "convega.bin", "nedopad.exe" / "nedopad.bin", "nedores.exe" / "nedores.bin", "nedotrd.exe" / "nedotrd.bin" to "bin/";
+ src/_sdk/convega/: Added compilation of "convega" tool for GNU/Linux host using Free Pascal compiler;
+ src/_sdk/: Updated "common.mk" and "setpath.bat" to use MinGW/MSYS tools for Windows NT host. Updated "iar.mk" for Windows NT host;
+ tools/: Added "mingw" sub-directory for tools from MinGW-W64 project, moved existing "make.exe" for Windows NT 32-bit host here. Added "README_en.md" and "README_ru.md" description files;
+ tools/: Added "msys" directory for tools from MinGW/MSYS project. Added "README_en.md" and "README_ru.md" description files. Added command-line tools for Windows NT 32-bit host: cat, cp, grep, iconv, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, sed, xz;
* tools/: Added "vhd" sub-directory for virtual images for HDD and SD card. Added "hdd_nedo.vhd.xz" and "sd_nedo.vhd.xz" archives with prepeared empty images here. Added "b.bat" script and "vhd.zip" with another scripts and description inside;
* tools/: Replaced no longer used "chkimg.bat" and "chkimg.sh" scripts with wrappers for "dmimg" - "dmimg-adddir.bat" for Windows NT host and "dmimg-adddir.sh" for GNU/Linux host for easy adding a directory's contents to an image file;
+ us/: Added "Makefile" to auto-create "sd_nedo.vhd" and "hdd_nedo.vhd" for testing purposes;
* src/: aynet (yad), basic, bdsc, browser, cmd, demos (noise, raytrace), emptyapp, fatfs4os, games (barbaria, br, eric, hws, isitar, loyd, midnight, montana2, nedoload, net, q1, slabage, smb, snake, solkey, sprexamp, tank, tetris, untangle, vera, wolf3d, zxbattle), gfxtest, hello, kernel, more, netterm, nv, ping, pkunzip, player, playtap, pt, rdtrd, reset, scratch, setfont, tar, telnet, term, texted, tp, unrar, untr, view, wrtrd, zxrar: Modified and added missing "Makefile" and "build.bat" to use "make" to build from sources on Windows NT host using MinGW/MSYS tools in the same way as on GNU/Linux host;
* src/: Modified "Makefile" to be used on GNU/Linux in the same way as on Windows NT;
+ src/: Added "builddir.bat" to be used for fast building using "Makefile" inside a sub-directories of the project. Replaced many "build.bat" scripts with call to this script;
* src/: Modified "make.bat", "makeall.bat", "mkatm2.bat", "mkatm2hd.bat", "mkatm3.bat", "mkatm3hd.bat", "mkatm3sd.bat", "mkevo.bat", "mkevsd-g.bat", "mkpe26.bat", "mkpe26sd.bat" files to use "Makefile".
857 2021-01-28 16:02:10 baho /src/fatfs4os/ + tools/src/aspp, tools/aspp.exe: added new cross-platform version of "aspp";
- tools/aspp.sh: removed old version;
* fixed broken GNU/Linux build where possible (appeared in r578 by dimkam);
* repository cleanup, added many "svn:ignore" properties where needed.
747 2020-10-11 16:59:28 dimkam /src/fatfs4os/ kernel: getfilinfo не выбирал нужную fatfs
fatfs: оптимизация стека
dmm: исправления под длинные имена
670 2020-09-11 19:19:41 dimkam /src/fatfs4os/ 3ws.com, time.com: fix  

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